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legacy of discord guide

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Legacy Of Discord The online RPG Action Action is available for both Android and iOS devices. This is considered one of the most popular RPG games for the modern generation of mobile games. Through LoD, enjoy a new new gaming experience with friends through the battle of demons with friends, attacking the darkness and face your great rivals in this field. In the end, in addition to playing RPG with an action, you can do many things in the LOD. Like any other mobile MMO game, players Legacy Of Discord are often lost in games. This is definitely a complex system that expects that its players are expected to overcome many training currents in a short period. However, you have nothing to worry about, because this Legacy Of Discord Hack will assure you that you are familiar with most of the game’s features.

Legacy Of Discord Hack – Class Guide

LOD offers 3 types of classes in the game: Bursarkar, Bledensor and Magician. Treasury is a type of garden park. This class is known for its brutality both offensive and defensive sides of the battlefield. Also known as the owner of the fire, because their weapons and equipment are exposed to the destructive force of fire. Barkers is very good at including his opponents in an attack on the front, because their defense can withstand a crowd of enemies. Not surprisingly, they are known for charging their enemies because of their high strength and protection.   Bledensor wears light hands compared to blades. They are best known for their hidden and brilliant attacks, which can instantly kill the enemy. Although they are not effective when they talk about charging their enemies, their attacks are very deadly for them through their sharp and sharp attacks. With its brightness and intensity, it’s not surprising why electricity is their skill. With the right skills, other types will not be able to touch your bladenor. The Sorceress is a female character who protects magic weapons. Although they do not have the strength and speed, such as Bursar and Bledensor, but the wizard is a class that is really afraid of the type of festive type, because of its high damage and the ability to inflict fundamental attacks on huge types of AOE. They are best known for developing the element of frost. If the magician can rely on his enemies well, he will certainly push them to great losses.

Legacy Of Discord Cheats – Main gameplay

Legacy Of Discord has many features that are hard to understand at first, but the guide of Legacy Of Discord focuses on the main function of the game only. 1.) Information on the character. In the personal information section, the character’s avatar, level, battle rating, VIP level are displayed. Your character’s avatar depends on your character’s class. The level basically corresponds to the level of your character. As you can see in the image, it shows that the character is at level 24. I have a quick guide Legacy Of Discord so you can check it. Battle rating or BR is a scale that measures the effectiveness and effectiveness of your character during battle. The higher your BR, the stronger your character will be. You can check my manual Legacy Of Discord BR. The level of VIP can be achieved by purchasing diamonds with real money or using legacy of discord hack. 2.) Quest – This section shows all the active quests you have. There are three kinds of quests: main quest, side quest, daily quest. The main quest is along the story line of the game. A side quest is a quest that tells us about the function of the game. Daily quests are quests that are repeated every day. Each quest has a corresponding remuneration and you can unlock it after completing the quest. To obtain gold and raw materials for equipment upgrades, searching is easiest. Please read the Legacy Of Discord Gold Farming Guide on this site. 3.) In the mail – mail section, you can send and receive mail. You can get all the rewards here. 4.) Bar energy and diamond – Energy is used every time you enter the scene or dungeon. Diamond acts as a bonus currency for the game. You can unlock and purchase premium items. 5.) High speed slot – Each high speed slot corresponds to a specific function of the game. Access each game function through these high speed slots. Many things still remain in Legacy Of Discord in this manual. If you want to share Legacy Of Discord Cheats, do not hesitate to share it.

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Legacy Of Discord Hack Furious Wings Game Overview

Hello dear Readers! Welcome to the guide Legacy Of Discord Furious Wings. These Legacy Of Discord Cheats will help explain some aspects of the game and give some Legacy Of Discord Hack & tips on how to get ahead in the game. Therefore, if you just picked up this game, I hope this Legacy Of Discord Hack will help you.


Legacy Of Discord

Legacy Of Discord Furious Wings is the RPG action that takes place in the world of magic and demons. You control one of the three characters. The Berserk, Blade Dancer or Sorcerer.


After you have chosen your character, you will go through a textbook in which you become acquainted with the basic principles of the game. When you are done with the tutorial, you will be in the free reach to play as you want. Also read the Legacy Of Discord Cheats Hack article.

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The daily world

In Overworld you have several things you can do before you go to battle with monsters. There are various suppliers around OVERWORLD who use and improve equipment, receive items and collect daily bonuses.

At the Overworld junction you will find most of your closest options. You must be in Overworld to access your character tabs, so it is always better to find out what you need before you go to the quest.


Improvement and modernization

In Legacy Of Discord you get the choice of one character at the beginning and install it for a while with this symbol. That’s why you want their skills to be maximally perfected and that their armor and weapons are suitable for fighting.

Upgrading and improving the mechanics in the game is actually quite simple and does not require much to get a pen. Their main function is your golden currency.

To update or improve everything, it is gold and more. Each time you raise a skill, it costs about 1500 gold, and then the price increases, the more you increase.

To increase the armor, the same rules apply. Each piece of armor costs a certain amount of gold for improvement, but the actual price depends on which armor is and how high the level is.

So remember, update and improve as much as possible before asking a question. You would be surprised how a level in the armor could be the difference between failure and success.


Battle – Tactics against brute force

In Legacy Of Discord you see a variety of different quests ranging from 1 to 10 for each zone. Each quest is a battle, although some may have different rules than others.

A quest, maybe you just crossed your level, killing all the enemies, then defeating the boss. But you can also find yourself in some sort of survival competition in a wave where you have to go through three waves of enemies and the boss before you can finish it.

Depending on the class you choose, the battle aspect can be extremely easy or painfully difficult. All according to your style of play.

Berserk can leave, run through the crowds and plow until the end of the boss, just his main attack, if you decide. Blade’s dance is more balanced, he is able to use both the direct attack and his skills, which makes the work of the enemies clean.

As for the wizard, you rely heavily on his skills. His main attacks are not where he shines, so his skills will be your main focus.

One of the significant differences between the characters in the battle is the way they are used. All three characters have skills, but not all of them are really needed for them.

The sorcerer, if dependent on her, is a bit difficult in that you will use a huge amount of mana all the time. Therefore, you should always be sure that you have enough potions.

But even with differences, the three symbols can be used either using brute force or more tactically. You can directly fight your way through the enemies to the boss and make your way through everything if you wish. (Yes, even with the Wizard, but it’s going to be fucking.)

But you can also use the three characters critically and insert thoughts into your movements. Look where to attack, and only using your skills, when they are most effective, for example, when your enemies are grouped or locked in a corner.

Quests are the biggest part of Legacy Of Discord, and knowing how to use a character is very important. Therefore, by increasing your skills, even with legacy of discord hack, improving your armor and playing with style, you will have no particular problem fighting monsters and demons hordes.



Besides the main aspects of the game, there are a few more things you can do to get more objects, diamonds and gold. There are many bonuses for connection via Legacy Of Discord. Extra chests and small things that you can do to get free stuff.

The simplest are obviously the connection bonuses. Just log in every day and collect your items, it does not get any easier.

The next place we go is a mystical chest. Here you have the opportunity to buy trunks with diamonds, but two of them can be opened for free.

Both quests receive a time limit, and once the time has elapsed, you can open the safe for free. Then the time is reset and the process repeats.

One of the main ways to get free items is to play a story. Some quest areas are not complete and offer free items such as diamonds or an item. Use Legacy Of Discord Cheats for more goodness.

But by playing the story and getting 3 stars on all levels, you can open 3 different chests on the screen. 3 stars to open the first, 6 for the second and 12 for the third. The more stars, the better the reward.

Legacy Of Discord is a relatively new game, and some of its mechanics have not been released yet. Therefore, when you play, you will focus on your character and flesh to be the strongest.

I hope this Legacy Of Discord Guide has been helpful to some of you. Until next time.